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With Wastewater Plans in Place Monitoring Will Be Key

Falmouth Water Stewards Board members S. Jeffress Williams and Ted Schmuhl write an excellent article in this week’s Falmouth Enterprise about water quality issues in Falmouth, the recently updated 208 Plan for Cape Cod, and the need for ongoing evaluation of both water quality and the strategies being implemented to achieve it.

As the authors state, “Falmouth Water Stewards will continue to support the town in implementing its wastewater plan and adapting it to respond to results of the monitoring of alternatives. We encourage all citizens to stay informed and press town leaders to have Falmouth standout in leading the task of cleaning and restoring our water bodies.” To read the article, click here.

Local 5th Graders Take on Disposable Plastic Straws

skipstrawsep20152With the support and guidance of Falmouth Water Stewards, Falmouth fifth graders are launching a campaign to educate people about a really easy way they can help reduce plastics in the oceans (and landfills) and lower their carbon footprints at the same time — skipping the straw!

Many restaurants provide plastic straws with skipstrawsep2015drinks as a matter of course. All of those straws are used one time (at best) and trashed. Disposable plastic straws — and other plastics — comprise a large and harmful proportion of marine debris, as well as the trash on land and in landfills.

The five ten year olds and their Skip the Straw Pledge and informational posters were part of the Falmouth Water Stewards’ outreach at WBNERR’s annual National Estuaries Day event.

Read more about their campaign here and contact us if you want to sign their pledge to not use disposable plastic straws.




EPA Approves Massachusetts Plan to Protect Cape Cod Waters

kirankaleahorizontThe EPA has formally approved an updated Cape Cod Water Quality Management Plan created by the Cape Cod Commission, Cape communities and residents. Recognizing that the economy of Cape Cod relies heavily on a clean and healthy environment, the plan approves all Cape’s towns to act as waste management agencies, giving them the authority to take necessary actions to design and implement local solutions across watershed boundaries.

This plan will help communities develop the most effective and affordable solutions to water pollution, tailored to local needs. As part of the plan, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is committed to funding a monitoring initiative that will ensure that this vital work makes a difference on Cape Cod for generations to come.

For the full press release, click here.

Betterment Hearing Will Be Held on July 13, 2015 at 6:30 PM

The Board of Selectmen has announced that the Betterment Hearing for the Little Pond Sewer Service Area project will be held at the Falmouth High School Auditorium at 6:30pm, Monday July 13th. At least 2 weeks in advance of the hearing, certified letters will be sent to owners of properties to be bettered, notifying them of the betterment hearing. Certified letters will be sent to the property owner address on file with the assessor’s/collector’s office.