20150704_105454Falmouth Water Stewards launched an oral history initiative, Our Waters, Our Stories, in 2013. We have been interviewing long-time residents of Falmouth as well as local scientists on our changing water-scape. The purpose of the project is three-fold:

– to capture and preserve local knowledge about Falmouth’s changing natural history over the past several decades;

– to demonstrate how impaired water quality is impacting the local landscape and local lives by integrating and contrasting historical knowledge of the area with scientific and documentary information on the state of Falmouth’s coastal and freshwater health today; and,

– to inspire people, young and old, to work together to preserve and protect our coastal and freshwater resources.

We are beginning to release individual vignettes here and through local media like FCTV.

The documentary is a longer-term effort. If you are interested in participating in the project, contact us.