Work with Schools

Falmouth Water Stewards understands the importance of getting kids interested in water quality issues and we are always looking for more and better ways to do this.  Some ways we interact with schools and kids are:

Each year for more than a decade, FWS has awarded $250 prizes to students at both Falmouth High School and Falmouth Academy for excellent science fair projects focused on water quality issues. For a list of past awardees and their projects, click here.



A number of our board members are scientists who work at our local scientific institutions, such as the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI), the Marine Biological Lab (MBL), the United States Geological Survey (USGS), and the Woods Hole Research Center (WHRC). Our board members have expertise in biology, geology, ecology, chemistry, environmental sciences and more. Some board members are available to mentor students on science fair or other school science projects. See our Summer 2015 Newsletter for a summary of a recent example of such a collaboration. And contact us at info at if you want to know more.

KidsenvironmentLynneCherryWORKING IN THE SCHOOLS

FWS is looking for new ways to work directly with teachers and students in classroom (and outdoor) settings. FWS Board Member Patty White worked with students at Lawrence in Fall 2014 to develop their stewardship project at Shivericks Pond. FWS also brought filmmaker and author Lynne Cherry and her documentaries to every student at Lawrence in winter of 2015 in an effort to empower them to make a difference on environmental issues affecting them and their community. FWS is currently developing a project to increase literacy about water quality issues at all levels of education in Falmouth — stay tuned for details!